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Everyone wants to have a home they can feel proud of. But if your home exterior is discolored and stained with algae and residues, it’s impossible to feel proud. Instead, you can be left feeling embarrassed, stressed, and worried about the state of your home. However, there is a simple solution. At MCP Softwash and Painting, we provide the ultimate house washing in Virginia Beach VA, and can transform the exterior of your home. Our soft washing techniques, safe detergents, and specialist technicians will wash away all the algae, dirt, and grime so you can love your home again.

Our Virginia Beach House Washing Services

vinyl siding cleaning

When vinyl siding gets coated in algae, grime, and stains, it can completely ruin your home. It’s unsightly to see, and if the algae and stains grow and spread, then your home can get severely damaged. Fortunately, at MCP Softwash and Painting, we have the best house washing in Virginia Beach VA. Due to our high-quality and safe work, you never have to worry about your home getting damaged. We’ll increase your home’s curb appeal and make your home stronger.

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Hardiplank Cleaning

If you have a Hardiplank home that is looking tired or discolored, don’t worry because we are here to help. Our Hardiplank house washing is safe and incredibly effective. Your home is never at risk of damage, and we’ll deliver guaranteed premier results as our trained and dedicated team use harmless cleaning methods to transform your home. Our service is exactly what you need to have a clean home all year round.

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Brick House Washing

There is no denying that brick homes are beautiful. Brickwork can bring a lot of character and appeal. However, it also needs looking after to maintain its beauty and durability. Did you know that the moss and mold that grow on the bricks can spread and loosen the mortar? This can result in a lot of stress and costly bills, but we have a simple solution. Our affordable house washing will remove those damaging substances, and protect your home. 

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The Safest House Washing in Virginia Beach VA

Many people worry that house washing is bad for their home. This is understandable since a lot of people don’t realize that house washing, when done correctly, doesn’t involve any extreme pressure. At MCP Softwash and Painting, we use soft washing for all of our professional house washing in Virginia Beach VA. Soft washing is a low-pressure wash that is very soft on your home’s exterior. The water gently washes away the algae and grime with no chance of damage. Alongside the low-pressure water, we also use powerful but eco-friendly cleaning detergents to get the job safely and with outstanding results.

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Our House Washing Service Area

We provide professional pressure washing services for all of the Hampton Rhodes area and surrounding cities. Located on this map you will see all of the major cities we operate out of. If you would like to know if we service your town or neighborhood outside of this map please just give us a call at (757) 814-5765

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What your neighbors have been saying

House Washing in Virginia Beach

House Washing in Virginia Beach

I am absolutely blown away by the level of house washing the team did on my house. Super impressed with the results. I wish I had known about MCP Softwash and Painting’s sooner, I would have it done every year just to make the neighbors jealous. Very affordable and worth the cost!

Bob Geisler

House Washing Virginia Beach VA​

House Washing Virginia Beach VA

We just used MCP Softwash and Painting for our first ever house wash and we were completely amazed with the job they did! They showed up right on time and got the job done quickly. I’ve never seen our house look so good. I actually thought I was going to have to repaint my back porch, but now it looks brand new!

Brittany Engleka

Pressure Washing in Virginia Beach VA

Pressure Washing in Virginia Beach VA

The owner Derek came out the same day I called for an estimate and was on time. He told me he could get it done tomorrow, and sure enough his crew showed up as promised and did a great house washing job. My house looks new again. It’s unusual these days to get this kind of service.

Ken McIntyre

The Benefits of Virginia Beach House Washing

Increase Curb Appeal
Understandably, you want to ensure that every part of your home is clean and maintained at all times. Your home is your biggest investment, and it’s normal to want to take care of something that is so valuable. The easiest, cheapest, and most hassle-free way of guaranteeing that your home’s exterior is in the best condition throughout each season is with our expert house washing. We’ll safely and thoroughly wash away all the algae, stains, and residues that make your home looking unsightly.
Save Time
Cleaning the exterior of your home by yourself is a huge task. Without the correct tools and training, it can take several days, and you’ll never quite get the results you want. But with SoftWash Pros, you don’t need to lift a finger. We do all the work for you, from the preparation to the clean-up and everything in between. Your home will look better than ever in a flash, and you’ll never have to waste your own time again. Free up your time and save a lot of stress with our professional house washing in Virginia Beach VA.
100% Satisfaction
We take our work seriously, and we take our customer satisfaction seriously as well. We want everyone to see how valuable our work is and to feel beyond happy at the outcome of our service. That’s why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll fix the problem. Whatever the issue, we’ll find the solution. You should never have to pay for work that doesn’t match your expectations, so we’ll be sure to go above and beyond your expectations every time. We know our work will have such a positive impact on your property, and we can’t wait for you to see what we can do.

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Frequently Asked
House Washing Questions

No, pressure washing is great for your home as long as the work is done correctly. Your home needs to be washed with low-pressure washing as high-pressure is much too aggressive. So long as low-pressure is used, then it’s the perfect way to keep your home clean and the surface materials strong.

At SoftWash Pros, we always use low-pressure washing for our professional house washing in Virginia Beach VA. This low-pressure wash removes all the substances that can be harmful to your home’s exterior, and you can rest easy knowing the materials on your home will be in excellent condition and be far more durable in the long term.

We recommend that you have your home washed once a year. If you have it cleaned less, then the algae and residues have time to spread and potentially damage your home. A professional house wash once a year is a perfect amount to keep your home in optimal condition.

Our prices are calculated according to your home’s size and your job requirements. When you pay for only what you need, you’ll always get the lowest price possible. So, for your own safe, reliable, and effective house washing from SoftWash Pros, just get in touch, and we’ll send you your free quote.

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